Presentation Skills 
4 hours
203Communication Skills for Transportation Professionals
4 hours
204Team Communication Strategies
4 hours
501Shop Management
4 hours
502Advanced Shop Management
8 hours
503School Bus Purchasing
4 hours
504School Bus Manufacturing
4 hours
505School Facility Planning
4 hours
506Building or Modifying a Transportation Facility
4 hours
Emergency Planning and Risk Management
8 hours



Developing a Safety Program

School Bus Accident Investigation

4 hours

8 hours

Introduction to Leadership and Management
4 hours
702Personal skills for Managers
4 hours
Personal Skills, Time Management
4 hours
901School Transportation Security Assessment
4 hours

Some of the classes Denny has developed include:

  • Diversity and Conflict
  • Successful Hiring Practices for Transportation
  • Kill or Nurture the Spirit of the employee
  • What Your Boss Wants from You                    
  • The Presentation You Don’t Want to Give
  • What is Your Value at Work
  • Shop Budgets and Mechanics              
  • Effective Shop Management
  • The Value of a School Bus Hoist in the Shop            
  • Problems in the School Bus Garage

          -Part 1: Management Processes
          -Part 2: Operations in the Shop

  •  Diversity in the Work Place
  •  The Mass Casualty Incident Accident Scene
  •  Fire Inside the School Bus
  •  Security at the Transportation Facility
  •  Transportation and Fleet Security
  •  The Beslan School Attack in Russia
  •  Terrorism in America
  •  Shooting the School Bus (Law Enforcement Only)
  •  Implementing Biodiesel fuel in School Buses
  • Fuel Purchasing for the Fleet
  • Fuel Conservation Programs
  • Statewide Bus Purchasing Program
  • School Bus Plant Tour
  • Certified Instructor for First Observer

Classes developed and offered upon request.

Denny Coughlin, President

(651) 423-2048

Denny was the primary developer in most of the NAPT Professional Development Series 500 courses.  A list of classes he is qualified to teach includes:

Classes Offered