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Denny Coughlin is nationally recognized as a school bus expert.  He has successfully taught Fire, Law Enforcement, and EMT’s for 25 years about the characteristics of the school bus so they can respond to a crash and rescue scene with more confidence in their response.  He keeps his students interested with (power point) pictures, videos, and his industry experiences.

School Bus Training Company was established in 2000 to specialize in training the school bus industry, the fire and rescue industry, and law enforcement on the construction and design of the school bus.  Any other classes have been developed for management and employees of all levels.

Denny Coughlin, President, started in the school us industry in 1978 as a mechanic for the Minneapolis Public Schools.  At the time, the district operated 114 school buses in the fleet and numerous trades and support vehicles.  In 1985 Denny became the Supervisor of Transportation Equipment (Fleet Manager). In 1990 the district purchased 85 school buses and the fleet soon grew to 215 school buses and over 200 support vehicles.  The fleet was maintained with 9 mechanics and 2 support staff.

In 25 years as Fleet Manager, only 2 mechanics left for other employment.  There were no (legitimate) grievances filed for the past 23 years from the mechanics (Teamster) group.

Denny has worked with Minnesota legislation concerning school buses for many years, served on two governor’s task forces, 1994 and 2006.  He has served five National Congress on School Transportation conferences, as a delegate from Minnesota, served on the Body Committee, the Chassis Committee, Chaired the Chassis Committee, Vice-Chaired the Special Education Committee, and the Safety and Security Committee.  Denny has successfully presented annually at the School Transportation News (STN) EXPO conference and at the National Association for Pupil Transportation (NAPT) every year since 1999.  He presents at state and regional conferences on a regular basis.

Over 14,000 fire and rescue and EMT workers, and scores of law enforcement have learned about the school bus, what they need to know to be successful in a rescue effort, and how to enter or breach a school bus more effectively for 25 years.  He is recognized by the industries as an expert on school buses.

School Bus Training Company has worked with many transportation shops and school transportation departments to evaluate their departments and offer recommendations to make them more efficient and function better as a unit.  Training is offered in staff development and process improvement.

Denny is anxious to share his experiences and knowledge with others in the school bus, fire, ems, and LE industries.  He has dozens of programs that have been developed and are ready for presentation upon request.

Denny has been hired as an expert witness for school bus related cases.

Denny has retired from the Minneapolis Public Schools and is welcoming the opportunity to present to and work with your department or company.

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